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2022 Fund Drive

Once again the French Lick Fire Department is calling on you for help. Donations such as yours support our ever increasing operating expenses and allow us to provide quality service.

Our goal for 2021 is to raise the funds to acquire a Turnout Gear Washing and Extractor System. This system allows us to clean our turnout gear removing virtually all carcinogens or cancer causing agents, significantly making future wear of the gear healthier for firefighters. 

Department members wear gear for nearly every call, whether it is a Fire, Rescue, Medical or a Public Relations Event. With the purchase of a Turnout Gear Washing System our firefighters will have a much less risk of developing cancer from carcinogenic particulates left on our gear from a previous fire. Although we decontaminate on-scene this only removes the larger pieces and the smaller particulates must be extracted.


Firefighters are at a 66% greater risk of developing cancer than the general population, with dirty gear being one of the two main leading factors. This piece of equipment will assist us in continuing to answer the call when called upon by our community. 



Please help us meet our goal for this years fund drive.

To make a donation, please contact us!
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